Thick hair? No problem for these straighteners

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Women with thin hair often dream of having a thick gorgeous head of hair. But women with that thick gorgeous mane often end up fighting their styling tools to do anything with it. Luckily, thick hair does not have to be a problem or hard to deal with any more. Hairstyling pros have found that the trick to taming thick manes is with high temperature control and wide plates, and these three straighteners for hair provide both.

Imetec Nutriheat

The Imetec Nutriheat Hair Nutrition Straightener is all about taming thick hair without damaging it. Their heat-activating formula seals silk proteins into hair to produce a beautiful shine while neutralising damage some straighteners for hair cause.

They offer the wide ceramic plates to tackle thick hair with a temperature setting up to 230 C to guarantee smoothness. This leaves hair perfectly straight and feeling like soft cotton with an unbeatable shine. Grab yours now at Amazon.co.uk for £29.25.

FHI Heat Platform

The FHI Heat Platform 13/10 styling iron is the big daddy of ironing tools for thick or coarse hair. Using ceramic tourmaline technology, it neutralises the hair to prevent dryness and damage when straightening.

It has the high heat you need, the 45mm plates to hold your thick hair, and heats up quickly. Instead of spending hours straightening your thick main, the FHI Heat Platform gets it done in minutes. You can find it now at Lookfantastic.com for just £69.99 and never fight your hair straightener again.


You can never go wrong, no matter what GHD hair straightener you choose. But if you are looking for something to tame your thick and unruly hair, the GHD IV Salon Styler is a top choice.

This straightener for hair effortlessly sleeks down your thick hair and gives it a gorgeous gloss at the same time. It can even create large, soft curls for those romantic nights out. Right now, GHDhair.com has the salon styler for £99.

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