The Something Store : daft American webshop

Well isn't this a novel idea. Punters pay $10 to an online shop and after 2 days they receive a randomly picked 'something' in the post.

The Something Store is the latest web invention for people with too much time on their hands and who are too lazy to 'surprise themselves' via conventional means, i.e waiting for Christmas. The service operates on the premise of a lucky dip. Pay $10 and you could receive anything from a magnetic dartboard to a flying alarm clock or even an iPod Shuffle (one in ten million).

A bit like Secret Santa, only the stakes are much lower. Someone, somewhere deep in the heart of America is going to make a lot of money from the Somewhere Store, and something tells us it's not us. Check out the Something Store.Go on, surprise yourself.

Some lucky punters receive a useless Somewhere Store gift.

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