The silliest diet rules ever...

Extreme diets are often held up as examples of ridiculous human behaviour, although the fact that most of LA live off egg whites, steak and spinach is now accepted as normal. But the new diet that has been hailed as a sure thing for those wishing to lose pounds, also sounds silly in the extreme. A nutritionist named Ivan Gavriloff has invented 'Dine With A Fork', which asserts that all food that can't fit onto a fork, and needs to be cut with a knife is unhealthy. So that rules out most meat and cheese.

According to The Daily Mail, 'You must eat three meals a day - but do not use breakfast and lunch as an excuse to over-eat. At dinner, you can eat only with a fork - no knives, spoons or fingers are allowed... Strict version: Do not eat anything that’s been prepared with a knife or spoon at your evening meal. Gentle version: You can eat only with a fork - but you can use a knife to prepare your food. Foods allowed during the strict version: pasta, pulses, cereals, fish and most types of vegetable. For the gentle version, you can also choose from the following: salad, white meat cut into small pieces, shelled seafood, eggs (scrambled, poached or an omelette).'

What are your views - will you be following the 'can't fork, won't eat' diet?

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