The return of the male cardigan

If David Beckham took to walking round with a pair of skidmarked Y fronts on his head, would the nation copy? Probably yes. Thats why the Manigan's back in fashion. The what? The male-cardigan silly.

Once the territory of Roy from Coronation Street and fusty old grandad-men the world over, the Manigan is enjoying a fashion revival. Thanks to high profile wearers like Becks, Jude Law and Daniel Craig.

They've been flying off the shelves over at Asda. So much so George at Asda did a survey and concluded that "when teamed with a suit" Manigan wearers "become the male equivalent of the sexy librarian."

..As well as being considered 'reliable husband' material and all round intelligent guy. Becks. Intelligent? Stroke chin thoughtfully.

Still. Brains or no brains, there's no denying Dave can pull a cardy off.

Check out Becks and co sporting their cardigans. Then button up and stop feeling frumpy. With one of these sexy numbers on you're a sex god. That's what you are!

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