The residents with designs on a posher borough (Barnèt)

Ever wondered how you could lend a hand at raising house prices in your area?

Why not try what the residents of Barnet are doing and add a French style acute accent to the "e", turning Barnet (rhyming with darn - it) to Barnèt (pronounced Barn-ay). Oooh la la.

And how are these cheeky campaigners going to achieve this? There has already been a stealth overnight mission by some residents, who have used masking tape or black paint to add the accent to street signs. Dentists, colleges and schools have also had the borough name altered.

There is also a Facebook group called "Actually I prefer living in Barnèt than living in Barnet". At the time of writing it had 847 members and includes the latest pictures from stealth missions to change the signs.

The residents want to raise house prices but the local council isn't giving in, with the London Assembly Member for Barnet apparently saying; "We do not need poncy names...". Quite.

We've trawled through the Facebook group and put together a selection of the best Barnèt shots we can find. Check out the gallery here.

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