The Perfume Shop best offers

Specialist retailer The Perfume Shop, currently the second largest in the UK, has a tempting range of Christmas offers available on its website. We browsed the many options, looking both at the quality and notoriety of the perfumes and at the savings on the starting recommended retail price. We came up with a choice of 3 top products which we consider The Perfume Shop best offers for Christmas 2013. Read on and find out!

For him, for her...

Here are The Perfume Shop best offers for Christmas 2013, for him and for her:

Boss Bottled. Night. EDT 200ml

The openly masculine fragrance of Boss Bottled. Night. is full of elegance and depth. Designed to enhance his charisma and underline his style and appeal, Boss Bottled. Night. won't fail to please and surprise. With a woody scent, the fragrance has Cardamom, African Violet and Jasmine as the core, base notes of Lauro Amarelo,Sandalwood, Musk and Birch Leaves, Lavender as top notes. Price tag of only £39.99. With a starting RRP of £73.00, this offer will save you £33.01

Katy Perry Purr EDP 100ml

This floral and fruity fragrance opens with a fresh citrus accord of peach and apple to awaken the senses, develops into a delicate floral bouquet then dries down into a deep, luxurious scent rich with Vanilla, Orchid and Sandalwood. Its other heart notes are White Amber and Musk, top notes Bamboo, Gardenia and Jasmine and base notes Pink Freesia and Bulgarian Rose. All in all, this is a floral and fruity fragrance that will make a brilliant pressie for sexy ladies. And, it comes in a purrfect cat bottle, plus a gift from the Perfume shop for each purchase. Very special price also, only £19.00 while the RRP price is £57.99, saving you £38.99.

...and for both

To conclude our post on The Perfume Shop best offers for Christmas 2013, we've chosen a fragrance that accords its scent to the person who wears it. For him and for her.

CK Be EDT 200ml

Calvin Klein's CK Be is a fragrance as distinct as the person who wears it. A fresh scent for the carefree individual, male of female. Its heart note is Peach, with top notes of Juniper Berry and base notes of Sandalwood. This 200ml eau de parfum bottle will cost you only £24.99, meaning a saving of £27.01 from the starting RRP price of £52.00.

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