The Oly-Link-ics 2012

Jewellery brand Links of London have been chosen as the official ambassadors for the Olympics. The posh purveyors of finest baubles have designed a commemorative line for the Games, including collectable 'charms' to add to a bracelet or necklace. Our favourites include the quirky table tennis design.

The Links ambassador Sarah Storey told Vogue, 'Keri-Ann Payne, an Olympic swimmer, and I have just appeared in this month's Vogue. At the shoot I had no idea what to expect. They painted us both gold, which took three and a half hours, and then they photographed us for about 90 minutes. The photographer was really sweet, because he just put us where he wanted us - and we're both used to being told what to do in training - so we just stayed, and he said, 'It's great, you just stay where I put you, you're not flouncing!' It was just a completely new experience.'

Let's hope we see plenty of UK athletes sporting the designs as they collect their bronze gold medals next year...

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