The new Botox?

If you've always fancied turning back time with a cheeky injection of botulism, but felt a little squeamish about, well the thought of putting poison anywhere near your face, there's another option. How about using your own skin cells to regenerate your skin? The only problem is, it might not be the wonder treatment that is promised.

The Daily Mail reported, 'The procedure starts with a biopsy, or tissue sample, being taken from behind the ear. The cells of interest are fibroblasts, which produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid — compounds known to give skin a smooth and plump appearance. These cells are then cultured in a lab for 90 days, and millions of new fibroblasts are created. Over the course of three sessions (spaced around five weeks apart), the fibroblasts are re-injected into the patient. The theory is that these injected fibroblasts stimulate the activity of those already in the skin, leading, after a few months, to firmer, plumper skin.

Lynn Harrison, one lady who won't be rushing back, paid £2,500 to Surgicare in Manchester for the treatment. ‘I wanted to have something done to make my skin and face look younger, but I didn’t want anything too invasive. I saw Isolagen advertised on television and it sounded brilliant. I’ve written the money off but I cannot believe that they can just change the name and set up again. If anyone is thinking about having it done, I’d simply say don’t waste your time or your money.’ Hmmm, we'll stick to botulism thanks...

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