The Kardashian Kollection

The Kardashian sisters seem to be hell-bent on world domination, or at least becoming billionaires by the ripe old age of 35. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have now launched their own clothing range, which will go on sale at Sears in the US, and at sears.com. And the generous gals have even given shoppers a pre-season sale, selling their garments at 30% off for a limited period of time.

Kim told The Daily Mail, 'This was our ultimate dream ever is to, you know, create our own clothing line, go into bedding and home, denim, lingerie, ready-to-wear, everything... from shoes to accessories, handbags... Fashion is our life. Women should celebrate their bodies. The three of us have very different body types, and we were very conscious about designing pieces to complement every woman's figure.'

When asked to pick her favourite piece, Kim chose a printed jumpsuit, saying, 'The fabric on this style in particular is so comfortable and easy to wear. This cut also really compliments my height. Dress it up with heels and glam jewels or dress it down with flats and simple accessories for day.'

The Kardashian range is available on sears.com from Thursday, with a 30% off pre-season discount.

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