The great spa rip-off

Beauty salon treatments have become big business in recent years; where once only the priviledged and wealthy enjoyed monthly facials and spa-breaks, now it's seen as almost a necessity. But according to research, salons are making huge profits from our 'essential' facials, charging up to £80 for products that cost only £5 over the counter.

One spa owner admitted to The Daily Mail, ‘I charged £65 for an Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial, even though I used only around £5 worth of product. Similarly, a massage uses a minuscule amount of oil — maybe just 50p worth, and a client will pay around £50 or £60 for an hour’s treatment.’

However, Eve Oxberry, who writes for Professional Beauty magazine argues that the prices are fair, 'Salons have unusually high staff costs because every client gets one-to-one treatment and then there are utility bills, laundry costs, training, insurance...it all mounts up.’

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