The Galaxy Dress

Is this the little black dress of the future? It's not black, it's multicoloured and it lights up in the dark. So, erm, probably, yes.

Designed by the CuteCircuit company, the Galaxy Dress is the latest example of a 'technological wearable'. Garments are equipped with bluetooth; they are heat activated or waterproof; they alert you to incoming calls on your mobile phone by changing the pattern on your top.

Desginers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz see, "wearable technologies and smart textile-based intelligent garments" as the future. "The most used communication tool today is the mobile phone, we believe that the wearable technology and the telecommunication market will merge in a not very distant future" says the blurb.

We can't really see it taking off, but the Galaxy Dress is fun and head turning all the same (if only in the dark.) Check out the video below, it's already one of the most watched vids on YouTube this week.

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