The curse of America's Next Top Model strikes again: Lisa D'Amato injures face

It seems every young girl-aspiring model ambition is to be selected for America's Next Top Model, the program presented by Tyra Banks, which promises the winner a $100,000 CoverGirl Cosmetics deal and a contract with the most prominent model agencies in America. After all, aside from few 'standard' feuds, the contestants look quite enthusiastic, happy and healthy on screen.

Unfortunately there's a darker side to ANTM, or a curse if you believe in things like that. Few girls had some difficulties since taking part to the reality show, some of which so serious that even ruined their life. One of them is Lisa D'Amato, a former contestant and winner of the all-star cycle in 2011, who was recently hit by a stroke of bad luck.

Lisa broke her nose in several places and badly injured her forehead, chin and lips, while doing a headstand up against a crew member, on the set of the movie “Cowboys and Indians”. The model/actress landed on her face, breaking her nose and then the other person fell on top of her, causing even more damages to her face.

She was immediately rushed to A&E, where a plastic surgeon intervened on her nose and stitched up the rest of the injuries. Her acting career was obviously put on hold, and maybe even her modelling job. D'Amato is taking some time off also for personal reasons: she's going on her honeymoon with husband Adam Friedman.

Lisa is just the latest casualty of the show. Back in September 2012 the news that one of the former finalists was now homeless and a drug addict shocked the fans. Jael Strauss spent six years struggling with a terrible crystal meth addiction that left her desperate and without a home. Apparently the girl started using drugs, following the death of a close friend, which accurred during her time on ANTM. Since then she never stopped using, leaving her a far cry from the stunning girl we saw on the program.

CariDee English, winner of cycle 7, supported Strauss and condemned the program as well as the producers, partially blaming them for her addiction. She said that Jael's mental fragility was exploited by the show, adding that being on ANTM has diminished the contestants' credibility in the fashion industry: 'The industry many times didn't care about our name, but did turn a snobby cheek to the name ANTM.' Oh dear!

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