The cat with celebrity style and A-lister diva behaviour

We don't usually cover animal stories on StyledLife, preferring to stick to the antics of the rich and famous, luxury travel, fabulous lifestyle tips, fashion and such like.

In Sargent Podge's case however, we will make an exception. Why? His diva behaviour shoots him up the celebrity charts immediately.

Like the Lindsay Lohan / Paris Hilton's of the world, Sgt. Podge spends his time out on the tiles, painting the town red at night. And when he want to come home? He sits on the roadside promptly at 08.30 waiting for his chauffeur to pick him up.

The Bournemouth based Top Cat is setting a new feline precedent and worrying cat owners throughout the country. Cat grooming parlours, designer clothes, expensive jewellrey, massage, psychotherapy and now...a car service. It's getting serious.

(Image: Mr Bling from Nicora's Flickr stream)

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