The Burberry Golden Light Makeup Collection for Christmas 2013

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British luxury fashion Burberry has launched a limited edition makeup collection for the holiday 2013 season, aptly called Golden Light.

The collection that includes lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, a fluid base comes in hues of gold, beige and pale apricot and comes in a celebratory and glamorous gold-colored packaging.

Scintillating and luminous, Golden Light will be loved by women who want a sophisticated and captivating look with a rich and festive touch of gold.

In the Burberry Golden Light Makeup Collection for Christmas 2013 you will find:

Fresh Glow: a fluid base designed to recreate the look to natural daylight on the skin and the Nude Radiance color gives a natural fresh and healthy and subtle glow.

The formula is enriched with natural rosehip extract, vitamin C and anti-oxidant pro-B5 and can be used on nude skin for instant radiance and hydration or as primer before applying foundation and also blended into foundation for a fresh radiance boost.

Lip Mist Trench Kiss No. 216: this lipstick has a delicate lightweight texture and a natural shine and contains moisturising emollients and wild rose extracts that offer hydration for lasting comfort and there’s also the Lip Glow gloss.

The formula in Lip Glow uses nourishing oils and ceramides that leave the lips hydrated, supple and naturally plumped and can be applied directly to nude lips, or over Lip Mist Trench Kiss No.216.

Nail Polish Light Gold No. 107 is formulated with patent-pending technology and has a protective and long-lasting high-gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times.

The formula contains strengthening and moisturising elements, including anti-oxidant pro-vitamin B5 and myrrh extract, to help protect and care for nails and prevent breakages.

Burberry also offers as part of their holiday collection their Eau de Parfum, in a special edition purse spray in a refillable case.

The scent, inspired by their iconic trench coat, revolves around fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach with delicate freesia and notes of natural rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood, as does Body Gold body lotion.

The lotion contains moisturizing shea butter, vitamin-rich sunflower and softening macadamia seed oil to keep the skin smooth and scented.

The collection is topped off with the Body Gold Candle that has the same fragrance as Burberry’s perfume and presented in a gold-coloured glass to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

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