The bitch is back

Joan Collins seems to be reviving her trouble-making fashion monster alter ego from Dynasty in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph. Celebrities including Adele, Kate Winslet and Victoria Beckham were all given the Alexis Colby treatment as Joan gave her (brutal) opinions on each of them.

Shown a picture of Winslet at The Venice Film Festival, the 79 year old Hollywood legend dismissed the Titanic star, saying: ‘Oh, that's a dreadful dress. The worst dress. And ghastly shoes and an awful hairstyle. I'm sorry.’ Her Medusa-like glare was then turned to Grammy award-winning singer Adele, who met with Joan’s disapproval when it came to style: ‘She's a very good singer, very, very talented, but she has a terrible hairpiece.’

Kate Moss fared no better. One flick of Joan’s red nail sent the model with a paltry 30 British Vogue covers under her belt straight to fashion hell, with the declaration that she is ‘no Linda Evangelista’. Other stars not up to Joan’s scratch included Carey Mulligan and Kiera Knightley but there is some light at the end of the tunnel – Victoria Beckham is apparently a suitably glamorous star for these modern times. Joan’s verdict: ‘Oh I love Victoria Beckham. You’ve finally found someone I like.’

It’s not all bitchy fashion criticisms that Joan has to offer, though. Alongside her sartorial wisdom she also offered some choice words about the recent UK riots (‘These kids are so ignorant and stupid… And, of course, porn is readily available’) and the spread of homosexuality (‘Men are turning gay because women are unfeminine’). Set your moral compass to ‘stun’ and check out the full interview here.

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