The best anti ageing treatments on the market

Aging is something that we all contend with. Every passing day we grow older and our bodies age. Unfortunately, unlike trees whose signs of aging are rings that develop internally, the sings of aging in human beings develop externally where everybody can see. Antiaging treatments are ways we slow down the signs of aging, improve our looks and ensure we maintain a youthful look.

The best anti ageing treatments on the market are seductively promoted, but oftentimes little information is provided about the painful side effects the treatments have. You need to conduct in depth research on anti ageing treatments in order to find the best option for you. We give you a list of some of the top anti aging treatments to point you toward a more youthful, vibrant look.

Wrinkle relaxing injections

Perhaps the most well-known anti aging treatment in the Western world is Botox and Dysportt wrinkle relaxing injections. The treatment involves injecting neurotoxins into the facial muscles to treat “motion wrinkles,” which are caused by movements of muscles in the face. Weakened facial muscles are a known side effects of prolonged use of the treatment. Best results are achieved when a qualified doctor performs the injections.

Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments involve use of acids to peel aged surface skin and stimulate a fresh growth of new skin. Mild chemical treatments are effective for correcting uneven skin tones and fine aging lines on the face. More intense chemical treatments peel off the entire top layer of skin to treat advanced signs of aging like deep wrinkles. This treatment has medium to high levels of discomfort and requires considerable recovery time.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing entails deliberately, but carefully damaging the top layer of skin with laser beams, usually CO2 or Erbium lasers, in order to stimulate new skin to grow back through the natural healing process. The treatment is effective for treating sun damaged skin, scared skin and deep wrinkles. Laser skin resurfacing is ablative, which means there may be considerable discomfort and longer recovery period required.

Light therapy

Light therapy is a gentle, non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment that uses LED light technology to improves skin clarity and tone. LED light skin therapy is widely supported for rejuvenating skin in the cosmetic and medical research industry.

Microcurrent face lifts

Microcurrent face lifts, also known as bio-ultimate facelifts, are safe, non-surgical treatments that use microcurrent technology to activate the natural chemicals in the skin responsible for vitality and health. A gentle, non-invasive electrical wave stimulates the skin to eliminate fine lines, reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, treat sun damaged skin and more.

These anti aging treatments have been tested and proven. They can help you reduce the signs of aging.

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