Beauty treatments: The benefits of a good body scrub

Body scrubs are a good way to keep your skin youthful and healthy. Apart from allowing moisturisers and body cleansers to do their job better, body scrubs have other benefits that you may or may not be aware of. They represent one of the few beauty treatments that you probably don’t want to do without.


A body scrub is arguably the best way to exfoliate. Skin regenerates through a natural process where dead skin cells on the surface of skin are replaced with new skin cells. The dead skin cells often accumulate on the outermost layer of skin causing skin to appear aged and rough. A regular body scrub will remove accumulated dead skin cells better than a regular bath. This will help reveal a smoother, younger, softer, healthy layer of skin. You’ll feel not only fresh and healthy after a body scrub, but look beautiful too.

Skin glow

Another benefit of body scrubs is that it leaves your skin with a fabulous glow that eradicates signs of aging that may have been apparent. There are different types of scrubs, but one of the best body scrubs for giving skin a beautiful, radiant glow is a salt scrub. Scrubs enhanced with coffee have also been said to improve the look of dimpled and aging skin. Your spa technician, however, will advise on the best type of scrub to use, depending on your skin type and the result you are aiming for. There is no harm in trying out body scrubs to enhance the look and feel of your skin.


The benefits of a good body scrub go beyond keeping your skin healthy and looking beautiful. A good body scrub combined with a body massage is a potent way to let go and relax, especially when the treatment is done by a professional. Lavender scrubs are loved for their rich relaxing qualities. There are other recipes and essential oils you may find relaxing. Be sure to consult with your spa attendant or to research online for relaxing scents if you are making your own scrubs at home. The benefits of a good body scrub are worth the effort.

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