The beauty imbalance

Everything in life can be put down to evolution. And the mystery of why gorgeous girls fall for fugly blokes is no exception.

The good folk at the University of Tenessee have done a study investigating the phenomenon of 'mismatched marriages', and concluded that when munting chaps bag stunning ladyfolk - it usually makes for the happiest marriage of all.

The study shows fugly males are more than happy to play second fiddle to their gorgeous ball and chain - without ever feeling the need to compete or be jealous. A trophy wife polishes the overall image of the couple - while the wife is still free to be adored by all and sundry safe in the knowledge that her man is going nowhere.

In fact the trick to really successful mating is to confine excessive beauty to just one person - preferably the female. Because when a fine looking man marries a minging filly - his heightened 'short term mating possibilities' deem him more likely to feel shortchanged in his marriage - and thus to stray.

So when your mum says it never pays to marry the hunk and that a fugly but trustworthy fellow is worth his weight in gold - she might have a point!

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