The advantages of a wooden hairbrush

Brushing your hair regularly has many more benefits besides just keeping your hair neat. It removes dirt from the hair follicles and helps keep your hair not only neat, but also clean. Brushing your hair also massages your scalp and stimulates the sebaceous gland to release natural oils that coat the hair shaft, moisturising, protecting and giving your hair its nice and beautiful shine. If you are looking to buy a new hair brush for your hair, you need to consider the advantages of a wooden hairbrush, which is a great choice for all hair types. But what are the benefits of wooden combs?

Lustrous, even look

Wooden combs tend to spread the hair’s natural oils more evenly through hair than plastic combs. If you use a wooden comb, you get a more even distribution of sebum, which gives hair its natural shine and you achieve a more lustrous, even look on your hair.

Protects against sebum build-up

While sebum that is naturally produce by the scalp is important for giving your hair its beautiful, natural shine, build-up of the natural oils can be damaging to the scalp. Excess sebum can clog the follicles of your hair and weaken your hair strands and the roots of your hair.

Using a wooden hairbrush to brush your hair, however, can help prevent sebum build-up. A wooden brush is more porous than a plastic comb and naturally absorbs excess sebum and spreads it evenly throughout your hair. This helps protect your hair against sebum build-up that can be damaging to hair.

Softer feel

Quality wooden hair brushes are masterfully crafted and polished to give a much softer feel than plastic or metal combs. They are often more comfortable to use than other combs, particularly if you have a sensitive scalp. You are less likely to scrap and bruise your scalp when you use a wooden brush.

Bottom line

Wooden hairbrushes are sturdily constructed and given a fine, polished finish that makes them not only attractive, but also practical. They are a handy haircare accessory for anyone looking to keep beautiful, healthy hair.

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