The 5 Top Tips to a Healthy Skin when jetting off in Winter

If you are planning to jet off on a Winter brake, away from the gloomy weather, we have some tips on how to land to your destination of choice looking better than ever. Long haul flights can take a toll on your skin, as humidity on the aircraft cabin can drop below 10 percent, within the first two hours of journey.

This rapid decrease of humidity levels causes the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, to dehydrate very quickly, leaving the skin feeling tight and itchy. To keep the skin healthy and beautiful during winter flights follow our 5 Top Tips:

1. Avoid Alcohol. It is very tempting to indulge in a glass or two of free booze during flights, especially if you want to calm your nerves down, but alcohol is the worst ally when it come to hydration. The best option is to keep a bottle of water handy and keep sipping throughout the journey, this way the body will keep quenching the skin's thirst.

2. Moisturise. Apply a moisturising mask to your face the night before your trip, followed by a nourishing night cream. The day of the flight choose a non-greasy 24 hour moisturiser to deeply replenish moisture and to protect the skin against cold, as well as air conditioning dryness. Use also a Skin Spritz with minerals, essential oils and stabilised Oxygen to freshen and soothe the skin during the flight.

3. Body moisturiser. Do not forget to moisturise your hands and forearms as they are the most exposed parts of the body and the ones more prone to get dehydrated in winter. During travelling is tempting to cleanse hands with anti-bacterial gel, let's not forget this kind of products contain alcohol to sanitise, which can reduce moisture, therefore is important to keep a deep nourishing moisturising hand cream in your bag.

4. Lips and eyes. Lips can become dry or chapped when exposed to wind, cold or dry air, when the moisture is lost the skin covering them become tight and split. It is very important to apply regularly a good lip balm containing beeswax or petroleum, in order to form a shield against different harsh agents. Eyes as well tend to become dry, red and itchy during flight as a consequence of air conditioning or central heating. If previously affected by this problem, use artificial tears or moisturising eye drops to keep your eyes protected.

5. Salty snacks. Eating crisps, peanuts and other salty treats on board will dehydrate the body and the skin, also causing bloating and even swelling at the lower limbs. If you're not too keen on bringing fresh fruit on the aircraft, help yourself with dried fruit, as its low-salt, high-energy content will keep you hydrated and will keep your energy up until landing.

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