The £30 dress that's now priceless

This story is the stuff that fairytales are made of - the dress that Kate Middleton wore when Prince William first set eyes on her has been dragged out of the wardrobe by its creator with experts claiming that it could have increased in value by £100,000, reports the Daily Mail.

Fashion student Charlotte Todd created the silk and wool outfit for a charity fashion show at St Andrews University, for a mere £30. It was originally designed to be worn as a skirt but style-leader Kate wore it pulled up as a dress and the rest is history. Charlotte thinks the dress may have helped create love at first sight. We think maybe the fact that Kate's underwear was clearly visible may have also helped.

Charlotte, who no longer works in fashion, has no plans to sell the dress yet although she has had offers. She tells the Daily Mail interviewer that she wants to hold on to it and watch it go up in value and hopefully one day include it in an exhibition of Kate's dresses, much like Diana's wardrobe was.

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