Top teeth whitening techniques

Maybe you’re tired of showing yellow or stained teeth over again and would like a better, whiter smile. There are plenty of choices for teeth whitening, but there are factors to consider as well before taking the plunge. Are you a good candidate, i.e., are your gums and teeth healthy? Are your expectations reasonable?

Teeth whitening products

Techniques to improve the colour of teeth include using the following:

  • Whitening toothpaste

You use whitening toothpaste instead of your regular product. While it does not necessarily whiten teeth overnight, its ingredients are abrasive to the teeth, cleaning them at the minimum and minimising discolouration. Rembrandt, Theramed, Elmex, Denivit and Sensodyne are examples of brands which have whitening toothpaste in their product line.

  • Whitening rinse

Just like ordinary mouth rise, you swish the product around your mouth for a few seconds a day. Rinse contains among other things, hydrogen peroxide, which can whiten teeth.

  • Strips

Using whitening strips is one of several DIY methods for teeth whitening. You put the strips on your teeth and leave them on for a certain period.

  • Trays

Whitening gel or paste is slathered on a mouth tray which is then placed on your teeth for a recommended time per day. The disadvantage of using trays is that it is a 'one size fits all' type of thing. Everyone’s mouth is different and ill-fitting trays are ineffective in reaching all areas. Spills can also occur which can hurt teeth and surrounding gums. Examples of whitening trays include Big White Smile Professional Whitening Treatment, Brilliant Tooth Whitening System, Whiter than White, and the Smile Place Teeth Whitening System. The latter allows users to make impressions of their own teeth for customised trays which could work better than standard ones. Ingredients include carbamide peroxide which is theoretically an effective cleaner and teeth whitener.

  • Bleaching

Perhaps the quickest method of whitening teeth is to go to the dentist or professional aestheticians who can do bleaching of teeth using heat or laser. Whitening product is applied directly on the teeth and even a half hour treatment can achieve dramatic results. However, this is also the most expensive method of whitening teeth.

Realistic expectations

All teeth whitening products have an effect to some extent because of the ingredients used to make them. At most, they contain abrasives which get the teeth cleaned and remove stains to help restore the natural colour of teeth. The duration of the effect varies from one to six months. An important aspect to remember is to set realistic expectations because how long your teeth stay white depends on several factors: the type of treatment undertaken, the condition of the teeth, and lifestyles.

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