Teenage kicks : Facebook party wrecks £4mill Marbella villa

Back in the day when we threw parties, we sent the word round at school, told friends to bring friends, and in the end were lucky if a handful of geeky punters turned up to enjoy a plastic beaker of homemade punch.

Things have moved on a bit since then - and thanks to sites like Facebook and Bebo, trashing your parent's house while they're out has never been easier. And Jodie Hudson, the 16 year old who hit the papers today for accidentally organising the biggest party ever on the Costa Del Sol in her mum's £4.4 million mansion - (now worth about 10p), is a world leader in this field.

Jodie invited a few friends over to celebrate her 16th birthday, having advertised it as 'the party of the year with loads of booze and a dj' on Facebook and Bebo. Mum Amanda plumped up the cushions, revved up a couple of funky playlists on her daughter's Ipod and swore not to do any embarrassing dancing. 400 teenagers on mopeds arrived just arrived just as she was getting stuck into a twist.

The party animals danced on tables, ripped down banisters, stole designer clothes and jewellery worth £6,000, threw tellies in the pool, scrawled all over the walls etc etc until the police were finally called....and they escaped.Amanda punched Jodie and grounded her for the rest of her life. Jodie couldn't have cared less.

Good effort but our heart will always be with a pioneering young man by the name of Corey Delaney Internet Star. Nobody throws a bash like him.

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