FAQs about tattoos

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? It can be a big decision. Whatever design you choose, you will probably have it for life (unless you shell out for expensive laser removal). It's therefore important to think long and hard about your decision. Here are some frequently asked questions about tattoos...

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Yes - tattooing involves having a needle pierce your skin, and this does hurt. The sensation doesn't feel like an injection - it's sort of a cluster of vibrations as the multitude of needles pierce your skin. The amount of pain will vary depending on where you get your tattoo. Tattoos above bones tend to be more painful than other areas.

What kind of temporary tattoos are there?

If you are not ready to take the plunge and get a permanent tattoo, a temporary tattoo could be a good alternative. There are a few different kinds: Japanese rice paper tattoos that last around two weeks, non toxic markers that last until you wash them off and henna tattoos that fade gradually over a number of weeks.

What kind of colours of tattoos are available?

Modern inks are available in a huge variety of colours. A good tattoo artist will give you a small patch test to find the right colour for you.

Where on my body should I get tattooed?

You can have any piece of skin tattooed, so the choice is yours. Some of the most popular areas are the back of the neck, wrist, lower back, upper chest, biceps and feet.

Do tattoos require care?

Yes - a tattoo is like an injury to your skin, and should be properly cared for to avoid infection. Initially the tattoo artist will cover the area in a bandage. Leave the bandage over night and then regularly cleanse with soap, water and a little antibiotic ointment daily for the next week.

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