Is a tattoo removal cream effective?

So you have finally gotten that new tattoo you wanted since a long time. Only this time around, you changed your mind and would like it removed for your own personal reasons. The novelty has simply worn off and you’re wondering if massaging tattoo removal cream on the area will do the trick.

Tattoo removal methods

Tattoos are permanent marks on the surface of the skin. The good news is there are lots of tattoo removal cream brands available in the market. The bad news is, these creams are not going to remove your tattoos permanently.

  • Rejuvi

One cream reported to have quite a success in the US is Rejuvi. Basically, the cream is injected into the skin where the tattoo is. Similar to the reaction when a tattoo is inked on the skin, the cream mixes with the pigment on the epidermis, creating scabs which later fall off along with the tattooed skin. Patients claim it is less painful than getting the tattoo itself or undergoing laser treatment.

On both counts, it is a lengthy process taking anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Results are also mixed because tattoos are only partially removed. In other cases, it only lightens the tattoo and makes it less visible, but the mark is still there.

  • Other brands

Other brands of tattoo removal creams include Tat B Gone, Tattoo-Off and Lazer Cream (12 months supply at £100). You have to apply these creams everyday on the skin and effective results are not guaranteed.

  • Side effects

If you’re looking for a tattoo removal cream, you might want to check first the ingredients listed on the product to see if you are not sensitive to any of them. While using a tattoo removal cream is an option, it is time-consuming, expensive and probably ineffective in the end. Keep in mind there are also possible allergic reactions to these commercial creams in the market since one of the ingredients is supposed to break down the pigment on the tattoo into particles and remove it. Be aware of secondary effects and possible skin infections when using a tattoo removal cream.

Other options

Tattoo marks are not that easy to remove. Since marks are meant to stay there permanently, using a tattoo removal cream will only help in making them fade away or look less prominent. For real removal of tattoos, talk to your practitioner or dermatologist to discuss options and alternatives such as laser surgery, dermabrasion or skin acid peeling.

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