All about tattoo quotes for girls

Tattoos are symbols and designs of personal expressions and interests. From etching initials to drawing flowers, there are also tattoo quotes for girls that are getting popular these days. Girls who want to make a statement find this option a great alternative for tattoos allow them to express something through a quote.

How to choose

If you are thinking of getting tattoo quotes for girls, make sure this is something you really want. The quote should reflect the way you think and believe even after a decade. Getting inked is no fun fare. In addition to the pain and the cost of having one, you are also going to live with it for lots of years or even for the rest of your life. Hence, tattoo quotes should be memorable and not just some whim on your part for a day. Don’t be fooled by the idea of inking an expression from your best friend or current boyfriend.

  • Considerations

When getting tattoo quotes for girls, take note of the following:

1. Colour – Black is a favourite as it is easy to read texts in this hue than other colours.

2. Design - Ask yourself if you just want the text of a quote or also symbols to match the words. It can be a flower, heart or other symbolic figures.

3. Length of quote – Clearly, it takes more space on your body if you are going to get a long quote. 2 paragraphs of 3 sentences can take up a large chunk of space, ink, money and time. Go for short lines that are very significant.

  • Popular Quotes

Quotes from poets and well-known authors are great to have on the body. For example, this quote from English poet William Blake is not too long: “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” You can also just ink the word Dad or Mum as a tribute to your parents.

Other popular tattoo quotes for girls include the following:

"Believe in yourself."

"Free yourself."

"If you don't live for something, you'll die for nothing."

"With every mistake, we must be surely learning."

"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile. I am just a girl who wished for the world."



"You'll never die and you never grow old."

"I am the architect of my own destruction."


Tattoo prices in general are a function of the size, design, colour and location on the body. To make sure you are getting a good deal, shop around for tattoo quotes for girls. Bear in mind that you should also check out the facilities and competence of the staff or artist. For a 2x2 inch tattoo quote, it can cost you from £40 to £100+.

This is roughly the hourly wage of the tattoo artist so depending on the complexity of the art work, your cost can go as high as £300. Note that girls who are under 18 are not allowed by law to get tattoos.

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