Tattoo pain zones explained

How bad will a tattoo hurt will also depend on where you are going to get inked. In this short guide we take a look at the several different tattoo pain zones in the human body.

How much does a tattoo hurt depends not only on each person's pain threshold and immune system, but also on where on the body the tattoo is going to be located. Many specialist websites offer different approaches to the issue, with tattoo pain zones map widely available online. However, if you take a closer look at them, you will see that they are all slightly different.

Generally speaking though, most tattoo experts and veterans agree on some specific areas as being always particularly sensitive and therefore painful to get inked, while others tend to hurt less therefore being ideal spots for first time tattooers.

The areas that are most likely to hurt less are:

Upper arm, forearm, calf, front of tights. You probably noticed that these are mostly fleshy areas that are not generally too sensitive – basically, some padding is better than tense skin over bones, and tougher areas are generally best.

Areas that hurt a notch more:

Back and side of thighs, shoulders and sometimes central back are generally a low pain area, although a little more sensitive than those listed above.

Areas with more discomfort:

Back of thighs, feet, knees, elbows, hands, head, neck and chest are all high sensitivity zones. Generally, better avoiding starting from here your journey into the magic world of tattoos. Experts agree that chest area on men can be much more sensitive than a woman, due to less padding, meaning added discomfort when tattooing there.

Areas that hurt most:

Normally, zones including ribcage, stomach, hips, back of the knee, armpits, inside of elbow, nipples, lips, inside of thighs and genitals are where inking is going to bring on a great deal of pain. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo that is not too big or elaborated you may pull through, otherwise beware: crying, passing out and half finished tattoos have all been reported!

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