Sun-kissed not sun-wrecked

We all dream of achieving perfect sun-kissed hair, giving us that 'week in the Hamptons' look, but often the reality falls sadly short. Dry, crispy, green-tinged (if you have blonde highlights) tresses can be closer to the truth.

Chris Lospalluto, NYC hair expert supremo has come to the rescue with hair advice, giving fashionista.com the benefit of his wisdom. He advises, 'Coat your hair with something; before you go in the pool put in a leave-in conditioner. There’s no need for expensive brands. If you don’t have anything else available, coat hair with fresh water, and make sure it’s really wet. The water soaks in so hair won’t be as absorbent to chlorine. Argan oil is another option. It’s light and clear, and will protect without affecting the color.'

If you colour your hair, and end up with tresses dryer than the Gobi desert, don't desp-hair (groan), just follow these simple steps: '1) Baking soda: Mix w/shampoo, lather in hair, let sit for 10-15 minutes 2) Coca-Cola 3) Crush aspirin in water and pour on head.' Failing that, run to a salon...

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