Stuck for party game ideas this Christmas?

Here's our pick of the three best party games to get your yuletide festivities off with a bang:

1) Musical Chairs

Yes, it may well be a child's game but it's till a classic. Try playing the game to some Cliff Richard Christmas number ones and remove the chairs as your guests are unable to find a seat. Add an extra level of difficulty by including the rule that when you hear "Christmas" in the song players have to take a swig of eggnog or mulled wine. A recipe for an amusing drinking game.

2) Who am I

Write the names of celebrities on a piece of paper and stick them to each guest's forehead (without them seeing). The objective of the game is simple - to work out who you are. Each payer takes a turn to ask the party questions about who they are - answers can be YES or NO only. If you get a YES you may continue asking, if you get a NO play moves on to the left. Last person to guess their name is the loser. Simple, but a great ice breaker.

3) Sardines

Juvenile but highly amusing. One person hides while everyone counts to 50. Then the players start hunting for the hidden guest. When they find their location, they must hide in the same spot. Anarchy.

Let us know if you have any other favourites.

(Image: kagoez's Flickr Stream)

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