A guide to the best stretch marks cream for eradicating skin scars

Stretch marks occur in women for different reasons, ranging from results of a pregnancy to gaining weight too fast for the skin’s elasticity to accommodate. You will need much more than a simple moisturising cream to eradicate (or at least minimise) stretch marks. So, if you have stretch marks and you would like to get rid off them ASAP, a good stretch marks removal cream will come in quite handy for this purpose.

How stretch mark creams work

Stretch marks are tears that develop deep on the dermis layer of the skin. Stretch mark removal creams, on the other hand, are specially formulated cosmetic products designed to soak deep into the secondary layers of the skin like the dermis layer, and clear the tears that cause stretch marks. A simple mosturising cream won’t work to remove stretch marks because it is not designed to penetrate deep enough into the skin.

Application of stretch marks removal creams is topical, which makes them an easy and efficient way to remove unsightly scars under the skin. Many different stretch marks removal creams are available in the market, both prescription and over-the-counter. It is absolutely important that you find the right cream for you to avoid any unwanted results. Here are a few tips to help you find the best cream to eradicate stretch marks.

Top tips to find the best stretch marks cream

The main characteristic of a good stretch marks cream is that it has been clinically proven to work. Make sure the cream you pick has undergone valid testing and produced legitimate results that show the cream works. Search the internet to make sure the product has been clinically proven before you settle to use it even if this information is provided on the product package or bottle.

Moreover, as a rule of thumb, make sure the stretch marks removal cream you buy does not contain certain known ingredients that have been shown to aggravate stretch marks. Watch out for ingredients like emu oil, Sieges beckia Orientalis and aloe vera. These ingredients can have a negative effect on the fight against stretch marks.

Generally, go for stretch marks removal creams that contain proteins and peptides. These creams tend to work very well in successfully removing stretch marks.

Bottom line

The best stretch marks removal cream will give you better and reliable results than just any other cream you find out there that is not clinically proven. In addition to making your skin smoother, brighter and firmer, the best stretch mark cream will revitalise your skin in as little as two months, especially when used daily.

Go ahead, then, get yourself a clinically approved stretch mark removal cream and bring your sexy back!

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