Strange gadgets that promise to rejuvenate your face

We are constantly deluged by ads that promise miracle cures, beauty products or devices that claim excellent results in just a few days. All of them try to take advantage of one of our inner most desires, to look young and beautiful, but some of them look sillier and less effective than others. Here's a selection of the weirdest products around: they might not give you the firm and wrinkle-free face as they claim they can, but for sure they will gain you entrance to any fetish club in town.

The Japan Trend Shop offers a device – a huge pair of rubber lips- that for the paltry cost of just £40 will exercise your sagging facial muscles, so you won't have to go down the more expensive and painful Nip/Tuck route.

You have to insert in your mouth and on your lips and move your mouth – which in turn supposedly strengthens 12 expression muscles- for just three brief minutes a day, and if you make vowel sounds while moving your mouth, you are guaranteed to get better results, and on the plus side it even helps eliminate eye wrinkles.

Women looking to eliminate the effect of gravity and time around the jaw line will definitely want to check out the ultimate tongue exerciser.

This works by sticking your tongue in and out of another plastic gadget, it may look rude, but you’ve got to tone up that sagging jaw line.

The BB-Sports Bodymaker Face Slimmer Mask is another item that promises to tighten cheeks and chin, but it actually looks like something that belongs in a BDSM dungeon or in a Hannibal Lector movie.

Wearing the mask will make your face sweat and create a sauna effect that boosts circulation so your face tightens up and makes you look younger.

Here’s a tip that won’t cost you a dime and can help improve facial tone, just try some of the facial exercises that they use in speech therapy, and remember when you’re tempted to buy any gadget that promises rejuvenating miracles, just keep repeating ‘too good to be true.’

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