Stilettos at dawn

Oooh it sounds like a case of handbags at dawn as rumours emerge that posh pop princess turned credible designer Victoria Beckham is none too happy with Cheryl Cole’s decision to move into the fearsome world of fashion by designing her own range of shoes for Stylistpick.co.uk

According to Sugarscape, Chezza and Posh have locked horns over the issue, despite Cheryl saying that she was inspired by Victoria. Cheryl told Grazia: “I saw Victoria on a plane recently and she said how exciting it is to be a designer. I think it's brilliant what she's done. I'd love to do what she's doing."

However it sounds like Posh is not happy about Cheryl’s planned move, having fought herself a comfortable little corner in fashion-land, which she doesn’t want to share. A source has revealed "[Victoria has] fought tooth and nail to be respected in the world of high fashion and last week she was the toast of New York's Fashion Week. Now she feels as though Cheryl's trying to piggy-back on all of her hard work."

The unnamed ‘source’ could very well be right but, then again, could quite as easily be a total stranger on the street, voicing their own made-up opinion, so it’s very hard to draw a conclusion. Cheryl is no stranger to the fashion world, she was often spotted wearing clothes by cutting-edge young designers on the X Factor and she has apparently been very involved in the design process for her new shoe collection. So all this may have riled Victoria a little but, with her enormous success at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, we doubt she has any real cause for concern.

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