St Valentine swings into town

“I love you”. Nah, boring. “You tickle my trumpet”. Thats more like it. Now into the envelope, sealed with a kiss and off you go. 1 minute later. Ooh look, whats this? A card? For me!? From me?!

Yes more than 8 million sad sacks Stateside have admitted to posting themselves a card and a treat on Valentines Day. Not content with banishing it to the commercial rubbish heap it is, they’ve made themselves the objects of their own affections!

Bless them for getting into the spirit though. Not like the sour grapes Saudis who’ve banned red roses on the 14th. The Commission for Virtue and Prevention of Vice has ordered all things scarlet (symbolic of love) to be ousted from florists and shops in Riyadh. Leaving Saudis to come up with cleverer tricks for getting jiggy on the big day.

As for here. Ladbrokes are giving 2:1 on a Royal proposal between perennial on/offers Prince William and Kate Middleton. While there's certainly more than a whiff of cheese about the young Prince, we're not sure he'd go to the cheddar board heights of popping the big one on Valentines Day.

Though because we like to play it safe, we'll have a fiver on it anyway.

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