Soft drinks make a Christmas comeback

Fizzy drinks are making a yuletide comeback. A quick glance through Grazia magazine at the moment reveals that everyone's favourite soft beverage and all round bad for you sugar drink, Coca Cola, has been "upgraded".

It now includes vitamins and antioxidants inside its new Plus range. Targeted specifically at health conscious women. Nice. Will be interesting to see if this sneaky tactic pays off. Reading in the Guardian, nutrition scientist Lisa Miles warns: "We do need to be careful we are not encouraging people to see these foods as a quick fix to compensate for a poor diet."

We're slightly bemused at the "new cosmaceutical spring water" called Beauty which is apparently about to launch. It contains "a bioactive protein rich in lactoferrin", and is said to be good for the skin. Hmmmmm... we're already cynical.

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