Smize Like a Real Top Model with Tyra Banks' App

Have you ever dreamt about becoming one of Tyra Banks' wannabe models on ANTM? Do you practice your walk and your best poses every day in front of a mirror? Good, you're half way there. But do you know how to Smize?

Smizing it'a term coined by Tyra Banks herself on the thirteen cycle of American Next Top Model, which refers to the art of smiling with your eyes. According to the supermodel this simple trick can make the difference between a pretty girl who takes good pictures and a professional model who stuns the pages of the glossiest magazines. But how is it done?

If your familiar with the show, you must have tried smizing at least once, after all it's not that difficult (or is it?). Problem is you ended up with a trout pout, a heavy squint and a paralysed expression on your face, which seemed more Madame Tussaud's than ANTM. But fear not, we're here to help you master the art of smizing in four easy steps.

Step one: Chill out!

Do you know how you develop wrinkles? By stressing yourself. When you get tense your facial muscles contract continuously, forming horrible lines around your forehead, mouth and between your eyes that eventually become permanent. You might have noticed that your wrinkles are considerably smoother after a good night sleep, by relaxing you can make your face look radiant and younger.

Step two: Control your mouth

Top models are well known for never laughing in photos (must be the hunger?), which makes them more intriguing, but have that subtle expression which seems like a smile. Confused? Don't be, after all it's a pretty old trick. Think Monnalisa and her enigmatic smile and you achieved perfection.

Step three: Focus

Choose an interesting focus point, something that makes you want staring at it, and maybe also make you feel a little sexier. Yes, R-Patz pictures are good! By centring your viewpoint to a single object, you can be sure that your eyes are not wandering about when it's time to shoot. Focusing your eyes is essential for smizing, remember Tyra's doll expression?

Step four: Squint

Don't do it too much or you'll look like a granny who lost her specs. The squint must be felt just under your eyes, it doesn't involve contracting your cheekbone muscles or wrinkling your nose. It is an almost imperceptible move that involve lots of feelings: remember that time that someone chose you instead of your so-called friend, but you couldn't disclose your joy? That's the feeling and the right expression!

Now that you mastered the art of smizing, you're finally ready to apply for the next cycle of ANTM. Well, if you still didn't manage to do it, there is another option: cheat. Tyra has just developed an app called “Smize Yourself!”, which uses morphing technology to adjust the eyes and facial expression to make you achieve the perfect smize. The app costs $1.99 and also includes a little tutorial from the supermodel. Smize!

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