Smells like Rihanna's spirit

Rihanna is set to release her first fragrance, and according to the singer it will reflect her 'strong personality'. The perfume, called Reb'l Fleur is designed to reflect Rihanna's roots in Barbados, as well as her current jetsetting lifestyle with homes in New York and LA.

Vice president of marketing and advertising at Parlux, the company which helped Rihanna develop the scent, told WWD: 'This is not a shrinking violet kind of fragrance'. Is that code speak for 'this one's gonna knock your socks off if you wear too much'? Who knows.

According to Contact Music, Rihanna is well-known for mixing different perfumes to create her own bespoke scent, so this new fragrance will reflect that playful attitude. The perfume goes on sale in the US on January 25th, but UK shoppers may have to wait a little longer to get their hands on it. Although if the descriptions are true, you might be able to smell it drifting across the Atlantic anyway...

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