Slingshot bikinis are set to sizzle on the beach this year!

From a distance you could possibly mistake a slingshot bikini as something usually seen on Borat but look more closely and you will find that it is in fact something worn by women, although swimming may be a little too hardcore for this garment, better suited to sunbathing.

Typically the slingshot bikini, or mini bikini, has a low cut front, tiny V back bottom and minimal breast coverage with a clear back. They can be tied at the neck and the front worn crossed over across the collar bones or straight over the shoulders like braces.

The slingshot bikini comes in a variety of colours and fabrics some with extra embellishment or details such as peepholes, or zips allowing you to bare as much as you dare. Website the-bikini.com has a good variety of slingshot bikinis, as do bodybody.com and Deliciouslingerie.co.uk, all with a good range of colours including metallic. Typically you can pick one up for around £10 from these sites plus postage and packing.

Guaranteed to make sure you have an (almost) all over tan, parade your wares in a slingshot bikini: if you dare.

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