Popular Designs for Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are one of the most complex types of tattoo designs you can get. They're usually intricate and incorporate many different elements, covering the wearer's arm from the shoulder to the wrist. Although minimalist sleeve designs can look good when done by a seasoned sleeve design tattoo artists, most look best when using a variety of symbolic imagery to express the wearer's personality.

Popular Sleeve Designs

Choosing the right design for your sleeve tattoo should take time and consideration. Sleeve tattoos usually reflect the personality of the wearer; although you don't have to choose a design that has significant meaning to you, you should pick something that represents your personality, or will suit your body.

Some of the most popular designs for sleeve tattoos are:

Koi Fish Tattoos: The Japanese Koi fish is a popular sleeve tattoo element because of its bright colours and characteristic Japanese art style which look elegant and captivating.

Tribal Tattoos: If you prefer a sign with definitive lines and a intricate pattern, a tribal sleeve is just for you. However, there is some stigma about tribal tattoos, and they don't usually hold much meaning to the wearer and are seen as 'impulse' designs.

Flower Designs: These are particularly popular for women who want a sleeve tattoo. Cherry blossoms, loctus flowers and lilies are the most popular flower designs, symbolic of beauty and feminity.

Celtic Designs: Celtic designs can be very complex, incorporating spirals, animals and patterns into the design. These are possibly the most costly because of their detail, and will usually take longer to design.

If you're not sure what kind of design you want, or want to add your own imagery into an existing design, your tattoo artist will be able to make recommendations and should design a unique, custom piece.

Finding the Right Artist

You should expect to spend a lot of money on your sleeve tattoos, well over £1000 in most cases. You should research your potential tattoo artist carefully and look at previous works; specialist will be able to provide the best advice, although their work will cost more. Your tattoo artist should also make recommendations and offer their own designs, rather than suggesting a standard design from the book or wall of the studio.

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