Summer skincare for men

After a long cold winter, most of us cannot wait to dive into summer activities. Swimming or hiking provides plenty of great exercise and fresh air and sunshine. You need the sun to stay healthy, but you also need to be careful about sun damage. Learn about proper skincare for men and enjoy summer safely.

Skin damage

With so many marvellous sunscreen products on the market these days, you really have no excuse not to use them. Taking precautions and using sunscreen helps to prevent sun damage, which can cause ageing, wrinkles and several types of skin cancer. Enjoy your water sports, outdoor activities and sunshine using smart skincare for men.

Skincare for men

Start looking for sunscreen products so you will be ready for the next barbecue or swim party. The key to finding an ideal sunscreen is to understand SPF (sun protection factor).

Each package of sunscreen is marked with a SPF number indicating how long it is good for when worn in the sun. If your skin typically starts to burn in just 10 minutes and you are using an SPF of 15 then you could have protection from the sun for about 150 minutes.

Ideally, it is better to use a good sunscreen with a higher rating of 30 when spending more time in the sun for outdoor activities.

How sunscreen works

Understand that sunscreen wears off when sweating, rubbing your skin with a towel or touching the skin. This is why it is so important to reapply every two hours. Even high SPF levels still require reapplying.

Sunscreen application

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors. Light cotton T-shirts often offer no protection from the sun and you should apply sunscreen. Cover any exposed portions of your body with sunscreen including your feet, hands, head and ears.

Check the expiration date for effectiveness and do not leave sunscreen out in the heat. Heat reduces its effectiveness. In addition to sunscreen, skincare for men could include wearing a hat.

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