Matching your skin type and hair colour

It's always a good idea to try and match your skin type to your hair colour. Choosing the wrong colours can make your hair look dim, washed out or drab. Similarly, hair colour can contribute to your complexion and make your skin look like one of your best features if you get the colours right.

Matching skin and hair tones

The main thing to consider with skin type and hair colour is to try and compliment your tones, rather than matching them perfectly. You should look at the undertones of your skin and try to match them with your hair colour. These are the three basic undertone skin colours you're most likely to have in your complexion to match with your hair.

Red undertones

For those with a slight tan or slightly red undertones in their skin, avoid bright red tones at all costs and try not to overprocess your hair with extremely light blondes or very dark tones. Look for honey blonde tones, honey brown or another tone with a golden base. Caramel lowlights to make your hair look sunkissed and highlight your skin tone even more can also work well here.

Pink or blue undertones

Intense browns, reds and blondes work well for this type of skin complexion. To add the the effect even more, consider honey, golden or ash highlights to add contrast to your hair colour.

Yellow undertones

Avoid yellow or golden hair colour as this is likely to make your skin look very shallow. Intense dark colours work best here, such as chestnut, mahogany, auburn or a rich dark chocolate colour.

Hair stylist advice

If you want your skin type and hair colour to match perfectly and really compliment each other you should always ask a professional stylist for their advice. They can advise you on the ranges of hair colours available and discuss other options you may have, as well as provide you with a palette of potential hair colour choices.

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