Skin care for the catwalk

Although models look like they have lots of fun in a glamorous job, it really takes work to keep their skin in shape for the catwalk. Models must get the proper rest and sleep to keep their skin healthy and beautiful for modelling jobs. Eating nutritiously while getting enough exercise is critical to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Learn the secrets of the trade for marvellous skin.

Great looking skin

Whether you just want to improve your skin or have visions of seeing yourself with beautiful skin walking down the catwalk, you need to get to work. First off, determine just what type of skin you have. Knowing whether you have oily, normal, dry or combination skin makes a difference in the make-up and skin products you choose.

Make a commitment to regular skin care treatments twice each day. Wash and clean your face each morning and again at night before you go to bed to remove make-up and refresh your skin.

Cleansing skin

After establishing what type of skin you have, research various cleansing products to find a match for your specific skin type. A good product should remove oils, surface debris and dirt without skin irritation.


Models with beautiful looking skin understand the importance of exfoliating a minimum of once or twice a week. Exfoliating your skin helps to remove dead skin cells allowing fresh, vibrant cells to show. Inexpensive Epsom salt works wonders for adding bounce and volume to hair as well as exfoliating skin cells.

Moisturising skin

Moisturising your skin not only makes it look and feel better, but also helps in preventing premature wrinkles. Make sure to use a quality moisturiser with SPF protection from UV rays. Make sure to use a quality moisturiser with SPF protection from UV rays.

Skin care for models

If you hope to have skin like the models on the catwalk, you need to watch alcohol, carbonated sodas and caffeine consumption, which all affect the condition of the skin.

Water is essential to life and skin as well. Water hydrates the skin while keeping it healthy and glowing. Eat healthy foods while avoiding junk food to keep and maintain beautiful skin.

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