Simpson's success

OK hands up who knew Jessica Simpson was a fashion icon? We’ve got to admit the news had passed us by. But apparently she has made quite a serious impression on fashion-land, with her own clothes empire reportedly expected to be worth $1billion this year – the first celebrity fashion line to break the billion-dollar mark, according to Contact Music.com.

So popular is Jessica’s fashion line, that if you type her name into Google ‘Jessica Simpson Shoes’ is the second suggested search term. But the range doesn’t stop at footwear – Jessica’s collection includes handbags, jeans, coats, underwear, swimwear, perfume, dresses and - because you’ll need something to pack it all in to - luggage.

In an interview with New York Magazine Jessica admits she’s surprised by her own success : ‘I never thought I'd be some fashion mogul!’. She goes on to explain the collection’s popularity: ‘What you really need is your basics for every type of person. When it comes to other celebrity brands, I think a lot of people do a great job, but it can't be all about them. Everybody doesn't want to just look like the celebrity, because they can't. They just want one element of that style’.

Her manager explained it even more succinctly: ‘A girl could go to the shopping mall with her mother and she'd have a great new outfit and still have some money left for lunch at MCDonald's. She can look like Jessica Simpson, smell like Jessica Simpson, and she can afford it’. And who wouldn’t want that?

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