Show Clothes

Fashion has gone TV crazy this week as dresses from hit show Mad Men went up for auction on Ebay, and Macy’s in New York launches a range of clothing inspired by sing-along sensation Glee.

Mad Men caught the world’s attention for the stylish, perfectly detailed world it portrays within an advertising agency in the 1960s. Our favourite part of that world is, of course, the super-sleek couture dresses worn by the ladyfolk. According to Vogue items now available to buy on Ebay include a teal evening dress seen on January Jones and a metallic brocade dress worn by the character Bobbie Barrett. We want them all, thanks.

Sidesteping slightly to the left of the couture catwalk, the Glee range at Macy’s includes preppy miniskirts, ‘Cheerio’ uniforms and – our favourite – a version of evil sports coach Sue Sylvester’s tracksuit. The range launches officially on Sunday but we’re sorry to tell British Gleeks that it isn’t available on this side of the ocean…yet.

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