Short men are snappy and mean

If you've ever secretly suspected short men are the human equivalent of yappy bad tempered Chihuahua pups - you could be right. A Netherlands based study has found compelling proof in support of the Napoleon theory.

Male and female participants in the study ranging from tiddly to tall were asked to rate how jealous they would be if their partner was rubbing up against someone else at a party. Tall men barely raised an eyebrow. Short men went ballistic. In a separate study the same participants rated themselves on a sliding scale from not jealous at all - to morbidly jealous. And the men from Lilyput came out tops.

Explanations for the height related aggression range from, a natural negative reaction to society's obsession with height to an inherent understanding that women find tall men more attractive - and as a result would much rather bed them.

Tall and short women on the other hand turned out to be equally voracious in the green eyed monster stakes, while average height ladies were rated least jealous. Could tiny tots like Kylie have repelled men with their jealousy in the past? And do short folk have anything to be happy about?

Seems not. The study also backed up evidence that shows tall men are more successful in their careers, have better looking girlfriends, and spawn more children than their shorter counterparts. Big hands big..?

Still, whatever biology commands us to do, there'll always be a group of folk who rebel against it. And these people are celebrities. From Sophie Dahl, to Nicole Kidman - height doesn't always equal happiness.


Small man Sarkozy checking out Bar Refaeli

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