Short choppy hairstyles for women

If you are looking for dramatic change in your life, maybe you just need a new hairstyle! Nothing better than short choppy hairstyles to revive your style, and ultimately make the most of your pretty face and neck, highlighting your eyes in particular. Short hair for women have been on top of the trends for the past few years and their popularity is not diminishing yet, with short choppy hairstyles winning the hearts of A-lists celebrities and the rest of us.


A sexy new short cut will reveal the best of your facial features as well as the strength and boldness of your character: you just need the right style that will guarantee to make you look and feel gorgeous in a matter of seconds.

Yes, because short choppy hairstyles are gorgeously low maintenance, they take only few minutes to wash, style and take care of, plus they can be quickly made even more feminine, elegant and stylish just by adding some hair accessories and jewellery.

It doesn't matter if your hairstyle is short, you can still be as versatile and creative as you want. Remember, short is smart and stylish, wear it subdued for the office and accentuate on texture and movement for the perfect party style!

Choose a short choppy hairstyle that suggests confidence and elegance and, above all, suits the shape of your face and frames your features: choppy, layered short cuts have been successfully made iconic by celebrities such as Rihanna, Halle Berry and Rebecca Hardy. If you wear your hair short already, all you need to do to make it more interesting is to add some chunky, disconnected layers. And to increase the dramatic effect, use a bold statement colour like platinum blonde of bright red or try to highlight the layered cut with highlights.

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