Secrets to shiny hair

For long-lasting hair that shines, you need to take another look at how you care for your hair, and your own nutrition. Consider your hair to be like a mirror reflecting your health. When you eat right and are healthy, your body is in balance, and your hair naturally reflects just how healthy you are. Dull and lifeless hair suggests someone who does not get enough exercise and has a poor diet. Shiny hair reflects the mirror image of an active person with a healthy lifestyle.

Secrets to shiny hair

What is hair?

Your hair is actually made of protein called keratin. A single strand of hair consists of the follicle, the hair bulb, root and hair shaft. Hair grows out from the follicle as cells produce additional protein (keratin). In essence, your body needs to take in protein from the foods you eat to grow healthy, shiny hair. So, not eating enough protein can cause your hair to look duller and lifeless.


Nutrients also play an important role in healthy hair. You need to make sure you eat the building blocks (protein) to grow new healthy hair. Include dairy, eggs and meats in your weekly diet.

Selenium is another key nutrient, which helps to maintain clear skin and the elasticity of the scalp affecting hair growth. Add a bit more tuna and turkey to your menus for extra selenium.

Prevent dry, itchy skin and keep hair follicles healthy by eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Foods high in fatty acids include flaxseed, walnuts, mackerel, tuna and salmon.

Stop dry hair and the dreaded split ends by beefing up on zinc found in iodine, oysters and poultry. Melons, carrots, berries and broccoli are all excellent nutritional foods for maintaining shiny hair.


Including a few of the healthier vegetables in lunches, snacks and dinner meals can improve the vitality of your hair. Eat citrus fruits, cabbage and tomatoes containing vitamin C for a healthier scalp. Orange-coloured fruits, carrots, cantaloupe and liver all contain vitamin A which also benefits your scalp and hair follicles.

The importance of hair care

After applying these suggestions to give your body the vitamins and proteins it needs to build healthy hair, you must care for your hair. Cut down on the number of times you use a blow dryer or hair dryer, which naturally dries and damages hair strands. Style your hair with rollers more often and cut down on hot, curling irons that dry your hair and add to split ends. Eat healthier and use common sense hair care for beautiful shiny hair.

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