She wrote the book

Fashion fanatics might want to clear their diaries for the foreseeable future as rumours emerge that Anna Wintour is planning to publish her autobiography. No one seems to know why, where or when but rumours are rumours people, and it pays to be prepared. Cancel all future engagements and go camp outside Waterstones now – it’s only sensible.

According to Contact Music Wintour has been holding interviews with potential writers to help her pen her life story, with Vogue's fashion news director Mark Holgate named as a possible candidate to assist in what will surely become something of a bible for all aspiring fashion journos.

There is, of course, the niggling fact that Vogue has said the rumours are ‘absolutely not true’, but we’re not going to let a little thing like an official denial to get in the way of some hysterical speculation. Wintour received the Chevalier of the Order from the French government last week – the highest honour that can be given in France. With that and her OBE in 2008, Wintour rates as one of the most powerful figures in fashion history. She must have some great stories to tell…

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