Sex and The City the movie – the latest plot info

Shut your eyes and go and hide in the toilets right now if you don't want to hear a massive juicy nugget of info about the Sex and The City movie plotline. Cynthia Nixon has let slip that one of the main characters in the film – CROAKS IT!!!

Obviously we’ve had a communal head scratch about who it could be, and have come to the conclusion that while any number of tragedies could wipe the girls out - from Carrie kebabing herself on one of her spiky Minolos, Charlotte crushed to death by Harry sitting on her, Miranda breathing her last in annoyance at living in Brooklyn, to Samantha imploding from a too big orgasm - it won’t really be any of them.

Not with a Sex and The City sequel already in the pipeline anyway....! The smart money’s on a character we’re all very fond off but in the cold light of day won’t actually miss if they’re forced to take a bullet for the team. In short a dispensable man. Which could mean anything from a Gay Best Friend (Anthony, Stanford) - to Steve, Harry or Smith.

Big obviously earns immunity because without him Carrie would stand no chance of ever getting hitched – which would pretty much ruin the true point of the show.... So who do you think’s in for the chop?

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