Sex and The City movie : reviews in - knives out

"Everything that happens tonight should stay in this room" said Sarah Jessica Parker to the 1,700 folk who'd somehow got tickets for the premiere of SATC the movie last night in London. Covering her tracks in case the film was total log - or just adding to the buzz of the biggest film of the year?

The SATC girls have been dodging bullets about the film's worth ever since London was announced as the premiere and not leading lady, New York. Cunning producers have been accused of rolling it out on softer Euro audiences before tossing the carcass to the bloodthirsty wolves in New York.

Rubbish said Sarah Jessica Parker last night, struggling to balance a live peacock on her head, the movie will play last in New York as a giant 'exclamation mark' to a perfect phrase' - whatever that means. Check out our round up of mixed reviews.

"In the first half-hour we're bombarded by so much brand placement that one might as well be witnessing an extended Vogue photo shoot brought to life." (The Telegraph)

"There may be a problem with stretching Sex and the City into a two hour and twenty minute film - it can feel like a never ending dinner party: however pleasant the courses, after a while you can hardly eat another one." (The Times - 2 out of 5 stars)

Sex and the City” is at least partly fueled by its product placements and the sense that everyone in New York is fabulously and mysteriously rich. The dizzying sense of wealth is seen everywhere....but there’s a subtle surprise in the third act that addresses it" (Fox News)

"Just like any great night out with best friends, Sex and the City: The Movie is awash with so much love that it lingers long after the last cocktail runs dry." (The Mirror)

"Two hours spent with four air-kissing women might tire out most men" (The Sun)

Bit of a mixed bag, but safe to say women will lap it up, men will feel the same way as they did when it dominated TV screens for 6 years. They'd rather watch football. Watch SJP defending her cash cow with the most enthusiastic interviewer ever.

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