Sex and The City - more city, less sex

Once upon a time an average episode of Sex and the City would have involved Samantha swinging buck nudders from a chandelier whilst performing sex tricks, Charlotte taking one for the team in her 5th avenue apartment, Carrie baring some 'tasteful' breast with a long term boyfriend and Miranda gamely orgasming with someone from Weightwatchers.

But now the ravages of time have taken their toll the girls aren't half as game for appearing in the nip as they once were - and have all but refused to go the full hog in SATC The Movie.

Kristin Davis, who recently starred in a real life sex tape,has spoken of being horrified at the prospect of appearing naked the new film. When asked by show creators to strip off for a shower scene, she said, "I feel like I can't do that stuff. I feel really panicky about that stuff" (The Mail).

Get a no nudity contract then Kristin - duh! The actress ended up having to have a half hearted stab at the scene because she was the only the one of the girls not to have legally banned herself from it. Though she insisted on being filmed from a profile angle and only showing the merest whiff of boob - ruining Michael Patrick King's (show creator) sex scene vision in one fair swoop.

In the end only Cynthia Nixon was bold enough for a full frontal and Samantha game enough for a sex scene during which she was covered in sushi.

What's happening? An award winning series about girls having lots of greedy sex and the minute middle age creeps up - chastity belts on. Poor show gals!

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